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Tax law

VANHAUTE AttorneyS offers advice to its clients regarding Belgian and international tax law, with an emphasis on national and international fiscal planning. We also advise our clients on disputes concerning Belgian and foreign fiscal public authorities on both an administrative and judicial level (fiscal courts).

Our tax practice contains, next to private and corporate tax, all aspects of indirect taxes; principally VAT, local, regional and environmental tax as well as customs duties and excise duty.

Regarding more specific transactions, we provide “Tax Opinions” and we guarantee providing fiscal agreements in Belgium and abroad beforehand. Moreover, our office executes “Due Diligence” research regarding takeovers and reorganizations of companies. Private clients often appeal to our services for their succession and estate planning.

Corporate law

Corporate law provides a broad spectrum of instruments to model your company judicially. Within the framework of these company matters, VANHAUTE AttorneyS assists its clients from establishing their company to the resolving and settlement of claims, should the need arise. Regarding this matter, our office guarantees the composing and adjustment of statutes and drawing up restructuring, takeovers, mergers and increases or decreases of capital.

Civil law (contracts)

Private agreements and commercial agreements are, preferably, recorded in writing; taking into account the legal status of the parties at the termination of the agreement beforehand. Moreover, ordinary contractual interventions enable parties to significantly improve the safeguarding of their rights. In this framework, VANHAUTE AttorneyS provides expert advice to its clients in drawing up several types of agreements (sale, rent, property rights, leasing, adoption, loans, securities, etc.).

Commercial law

In business, it is primordial to qualify agreements accurately, absorbing prevention of future disputes. Contractually, it is possible to anticipate in alternative forms of settlement of disputes, e.g. arbitration or mediation, but these alternatives need to be framed preliminary. Moreover, it is recommended practice for a party to, beforehand, acquire the necessary information about the scope of its liability in case it or one of its business partners commits inferior implementation of an agreement. This method primarily serves to avoid a wide range of problems. Regarding this, VANHAUTE AttorneyS attends to its clients by drawing up agreements and reviewing proceedings of their agreements before concluding them. If need be, we offer the necessary guidance in legal procedures.